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All dates that are cheaper this year and 5GG will be in red.


We have 9 tourneys in the Spring schedule that are 5GG.


2014 Schedule is up all locations have been set please see who's playing Spring tab.
Also this year IFA has lowered entry fee for a lot of the tourneys and some 5GG. Spaces will be limited due to giving 5GG so don't delay.


Please click on tournaments tab and click schedule for TN dates
We will have dates up soon for other States
These are the dates for

Cabrini Complex
 Alexandria, La
July 12/13
Aug 9/10
Sep 28/29
Oct 18/19
Nov 15/16


The umpire clinic are Monday Feb 24th.

6:30-8:30 at Pleasant Garden center


We are looking forward to a great 2014 season hope to see your team. We will also have church services on Sunday this year.

It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees
Psalm 119:71 

Larry new number is 336-202-7170




Congratulations To the Clash Of Champions 2013 Winners



Lady Lightning


Strike Zone Force


Wk Warriors


Triad Pride Blue



Gold B Clash Winners












Carroll 16U




New address to pre pay for tourneys: IFA 5107 Armstead  Drive, Greensboro NC  27407





FYI to teams playing at Pleasant Garden this season in our tourneys - We ask you to please clean up your trash after grilling out.  We also need EVERYONE using charcoal grills to clean up coals after cooking and not just dump them on the ground.  IFA has discussed these issues with the leadership at Pleasant Garden and we have agreed to continue allowing teams to use their grills ONLY if these guidelines are met.  Thanks for Playing IFA! UPDATE - Pleasant Garden will NO longer allow teams to use Charcoal grills.  Gas grills only. 






Coaches - Please refer to our Who's Playing list for The Clash of Champions events on August 2-4.  We are adding teams as they qualify for the Clash "A" in Burlington and Clash "B" in Greensboro.  We need you to let us know if you will be able to play or not.  We just want coaches to be aware of teams qualifying so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.  Thanks for Playing IFA!







DDue to safety reasons, IFA will NOT allow teams to use the Louisville Slugger oneX bat that they have recalled.  Louisville Slugger has asked us to make sure it is removed from competition.  Player and umpire safety is our top priority at IFA. Louisville Slugger is exchanging the oneX bat with a XENO bat from this year and next year.  Model numbers affected are FP136, FP1369, FP1368.  You can contact their customer service department at  Thanks for understanding our position on this and Thanks for Playing IFA!! 







  We have heard rumors that IFA has folded.  We are very proud to say - absolutely NOT!  The lost of some former umpires and key directors were a major hit for IFA, however it does not change the roots of this organization that was created in August of 2008 and dedicated to all female softball players.  This rumor may have been started by a disgruntled former associate of IFA. To whoever that may be, we would like to put an end to those rumors.

2014 will be an exciting year for IFA. We have made several improvements to your tournament experience to include adding additional staff members and different tournament locations along with our regular locations.  We cannot wait to get started.  We appreciate all of the teams that have played with us in the past especially those that stayed with us during a rough 2013 season.  IFA would like to show you what we are really about, an organization dedicated to giving females an exciting and fun experience as well as help grow their abilities.  We would like to dedicate our 2014 season to a new beginning and to all the players and coaches that have been with us since our first season in Fall 2008! We look forward to seeing you all, along with a lot of new teams this year! If you haven't played IFA...give us a try in 2014. Our upcoming tournaments will be the best ever!

IFA will be personally contacting all teams to answer any questions you may have.




New rule change for IFA  -   14u will now be able to use metal cleats.








IFA would like to thank all the teams for the support in 2013. We are looking forward to an exciting year in 2014.
We will have some of the 2014 schedule posted very soon
we have not received all of the dates for parks yet but will post what we have so far.



Gate fee info

This year gate fees are-One day tourneys $7 adults and free for 13U. There will be select tourneys

were it will be $7 for adults and $3 for kids 13U(Easter Hop- Mothers Day Challenge).

Two day tourneys will be $6 for adults and $3 for kids 13U

Spring State, Summer State, World Series, Super World Series, Clash Of Champions, Fall State, Scaremare, Winter World will be $7 adults and $3 for kids 13U.


If you are wanting to pay for a tournament in advance, please send check to:12 Manor Ridge Court, Greensboro, NC 27407.





NOTE TO TEAMS:  You MUST email to ENTER tournaments.  Do NOT call phone lines to enter tournaments.  You may not got entered if you do not use our email.  Thanks for Playing IFA!!!




For more IFA info, or if you have questions/concerns -please call or text our office phone at any time - (336)708-6626 or (336) 202-7170- We have updated the "Contact" page with the latest contact information


**To sign up for an event or drop from an event - Please email us at our new signup/drop email address


When checking for updates, always refresh your browser.



Latest News: 


Again this year, IFA will split up age groups when we have 6 or more teams in an age group. In most events, teams will play a warm-up game then all teams will begin in the GOLD A double elimination bracket. With 6 teams, the first 3 that lose out of Gold A bracket will be placed into a Gold B single elimination bracket. The 3 left in main bracket will play out for Gold A bracket winner. When 12 teams- the first 4 that lose out of the Gold A bracket will move to a Silver single bracket. The next 4 that lose out will go to Gold B single. The remaining 4 will play out the Gold A. When we get 14 or more in an age group, we will have a Bronze, Silver, Gold B and Gold A.

We started doing this at
IFA to allow everyone to be able to play stronger teams, but also go into a bracket with teams at your same level. We feel doing this allows everyone to play stronger teams which will make younger teams better.


Trophies - We always do 1-2 in Gold B, Silver and Bronze bracket and all teams left in Gold A bracket will get trophies. This allows IFA to give more out to the girls and also allows teams that may not get trophies very much a chance.

Thank you for playing IFA!



The 2012 points prizes are listed ! We also posted a pic of the 2011 points champion ring, this is an example of what they will look like. They re different each year.







Please keep in mind regarding the Gift Cards-
They are non-transferable. If you purchased cards and you are unable to field a team, you can not simply give them to another team. They have been issued in the name of a specific team.

We also ask that you only use 1 per tournament



Coaches FYI-

Metal Cleats are only allowed in 14u and High School divisions. If you are playing 12U or younger, and one of your players is seen on the field with metal cleats, she will be required to change them. If she is caught a 2nd time during a tournament with metal cleats, she will be ejected.





Rule Book is now posted online. Please see "Rules" tab.



If you would be interested in bringing IFA into your area, contact Larry Stewart for details.



Why play IFA?

- IFA was created solely for girls Fastpitch and we reward the girls for their accomplishments more than any other organization. A few examples -

- Any girl that hits a home run will receive a commemorative mini bat and be recognized on our website.

We change color of bat through the year.


- Any girl that pitches a no-hitter will receive the game ball and a free tee shirt and be recognized on our website.


pic coming soon


- Any girl that pitches a perfect game will receive a perfect game trophy and each player on her team will get a special medal to recognize a team effort. All will be recognized on our website.


pic coming soon


- We also give game MVP medals- Each team will select and award a game MVP for your first game of our tournament. Medals will be provided by IFA.


pic coming soon


- After each Championship game- Each team will select and award a tournament MVP from the opposing team. Also our umpires will select and award a game ball to 1 player from each team.


pic coming soon

Along with these special individual recognitions, IFA also stands out from others by giving additional rewards back to our teams-

- IFA Points Challenge – we have the largest points prize package of any organization in NC.

- IFA awards some of the best trophies around. Depending on the number of teams, we will give trophies or medals for up to 6 places.

- Upon check-in, each team will receive a case of bottled water

- Our Home run contest runs from March through August. The girl that hits the most home runs in each age group will receive a special prize.

- Our “Race to Four” contest will award the first team in each age group to win 4 tournaments with a set of “Race to Four” hoodies, a pizza party and get to play in the Holiday tournament for free.

- IFA also has a few selected tournaments where the winning teams will get free tournaments in 2012. This is in addition to our regular trophy package.

- We also award the winners of our State Tournament with a free paid berth to our World Series.

A few other special offers-

- At selected tournaments, IFA will offer a combine that will allow 5 girls from each team to test their skills in pitching, running, and pop times. IFA will keep track of these stats and post on a special section of our website.

- IFA also remembers the siblings that are forced to come special tournaments, we will have bounce houses and /or water slides set up for the kids.

- At IFA, customer service is priority number 1. We are always looking for ways to improve your experience and are open to suggestions. We want each IFA tournament to be the most Coach, Player, and Parent friendly place to play.

Give us a try today – We don't think you will be disappointed!


5107 Armstead Dr - Greensboro, NC 27407